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led strip light holder LED Light Holder

Abstract: Yangzhou Aladdin Lighting Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China LED light holder manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company with productive factory, welcome to buy cheap, low price or wholesale LED light holder products from us.
Detailed description

Material features
Aluminum alloy die-casting formation is adopted in light shell. It can dissipate heat and prevent water and dust effectively. The surface of lights is processed with uv-resistance and anti-corrosion. The whole lights meet standard IP65. 
Reflector, light shell and radiator adopt high-purity aluminum. High-power light source and high-efficiency imported constant current source.
Single high-power LED of independent intellectual property rights is adopted, LED module acts as light source.
There is no bad glare or strobe. It eliminates dazzling, visual fatigue interference caused by bad glare of common light and improves the security of driving. Green environmental protection. Lead, mercury and other pollution elements are not contained. So there is no pollution to environment.

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